Current PR Trends That Are Here to Stay

Public Relations is always evolving (along with social media), so it’s important for PR professionals to keep up with the trends to ensure client success. Here are a few of the current trends we are incorporating in our client campaigns.

Personalized Pitching 

The days of mass pitching are coming to an end as personalized pitching has become more successful. Personalized pitching is a great way to connect with journalists and establish meaningful relationships with them. Researching what they’re writing about and forming your pitch around it will show journalists there’s thought behind your pitch. Be intentional! 

Contributed Articles 

As the population of journalists decreases (insert sad face emoji), the rise of contributed articles has become an easier way for PR professionals to land coverage and provide controlled content to publications. This is especially true for thought leadership pieces that can be widely distributed.

Influencer Marketing

Working with content creators to create organic video content is a great way to improve brand awareness. Another way to do this is by leveraging user-generated content (UGC), an authentic way to push out content when you don’t have time to create it.

Video VS Still Photos 

Video content is dominating the social media world – just look at Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram Reels. Although still photo content can still be beneficial to brands, video content tends to produce higher engagement with audience members. 

Data-Driven Storytelling 

Now that access to AI is at our fingertips, data-driven storytelling is an emerging trend and will continue to gain popularity in 2024. Augmented analytics tools make it easy for PR professionals to pull intriguing data to support client pitches without the hassle of creating organic surveys.